With a focus on the somatic experience, the exhibition presents an installation by Vanessa Enríquez whose pattern is revealed through our movement in the space. In a contrasting way, the video by J.MAYER.H is installed as a footnote, best viewed when we keep still. An aural dimension is created by pink noise, which permeates the space with sound similar to rain falling or leaves rustling. It is intended to slow and regulate our brain waves. A set of headphones offers binaural beats which are used to improve immune functions, facilitate relaxation, improve mood and contribute to the alleviation of stress. Through these visual and sonic stimuli, PLAZEBO establishes a dialogue between architectural and artistic articulations that are related to the issues of pattern, boundaries, movement and digitalization.

More work by J.MAYER.H can be seen at the upcoming solo exhibition “J.MAYER.H – STRUKTURALIEN” at Haus am Waldsee (April 28th – Juni 26th, 2016).

For the artist talk on 30. April 2016 Vanessa Enríquez and J.MAYER.H will address questions regarding affect in and between Architecture and Art in their work.