Pygmalion hockend | 2021

  • Painting, Mixed media on paper
  • 83 × 60 × 0.1 cm | 32.7 × 23.6 × 0 in
  • This is a unique work
  • Hand-signed by artist
  • 1.428,00 (excl. VAT 1.200,00)

    One central element of the exhibition UNMASKED #3 are the nude drawings by Wilfried Habrich, filling up the entire wall. The drawings in mixed media on paper, which leave the artist's studio for the first time, show honestly and unmasked the beauty of the female body and celebrate its complexity. The colorful gestures of the brush show confident, relaxed, vulnerable bodies that often look out of the picture and do not reveal their faces to us. We search in vain for their gazes. The bare skin can also be a mask.

    The names of the works give a poetic indication of the multidimensionality of the observation: “Pygmalion hockend, 2021 / Pygmalion squatting”; “farbiger Traum zart asiatisch, 2021 / colorful dream delicate asian”; Reclining, 2020

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    Dimensions 90 × 70 × 5 cm