Astral Falafel

Luka Bunic

Astral Falafel

Multimedia exhibition

Artist: Luka Bunic

Wednesday, 22.03.2023 – Sunday, 26.03.2023

Opening: Wednesday, 22.03. 2023 – 19h
Opening hours : 18h – 23h
Finissage: Sunday, 26.03.2023 -20h

Venue: aquabitArt gallery, Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
With the kind support of the aquabitArt gallery

The title of the exhibition, Astral Falafel, is based on contradictions. Falafel is a popular street food easy and quick to make, ready to be consumed on the spot while astral is a non-physical or psychic experience that takes ages to achieve or experience. It takes a lot of training and a lot of time to be able to look at your own experience from a distance and evaluate its meaning and consequences. Sooner or later, you come to the point of instant realisation about your past, and your memory that pushes you to move on.

This is not the first series of artworks with hidden messages but this time the hidden messages are a lot more bold and more visible then before. In the previous artworks, you would have to look for the messages with a flashlight because they were written with fluorescent paint. However, as time pass the artist grows his confidence and the hidden messages are more and more detectable. Still, you have to decode them but nevertheless, now you know that there is information to unravel. Bunic approaches a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way based on his own personal experience and involves the viewers’ minds by finally allowing them to decode previously hidden messages. The deeper understanding of his past experience is resurfacing onto the canvas and enables us to analyse our own understanding of our surroundings.” Written by Veronika Hykova, art curator based in Berlin

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