Hess Klangkonzepte

Pop-up Store

Hess Klangkonzepte PopUp Berlin

When: 03 – 10 June 2023
Open: 10 – 18h
Where: aquabitArt Gallery, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin Mitte.
What: Exhibition and presentation of (therapy) singing bowls, sale of singing bowls, short sound massages, workshops, meet & greet with Jana Hess.


Hess Klangkonzepte is the premiere supplier of the highest quality singing bowls. These singing bowls and the Peter Hess® Sound Massage were developed by Peter Hess in the 1980s and have become a sensation in Germany and around the world. The Peter Hess® Sound Massage provides a deep, healing relaxation by using the singing bowls on your body. At Hess Klangkonzepte we supply high quality Peter Hess® Singing Bowls, both for personal self-care applications and for professional use. Along with their typical use for sound massage, singing bowls can be an enriching addition to cosmetic, wellness, beauty, and facial treatments.

In June we celebrate a small premiere – our first pop-up store! From June 3 to 10, 2023 you can find us at the gallery aquabitArt in Berlin Mitte. Here we not only present our most popular singing bowls, but are also available for discussions and questions. Did you know, for example, that the pelvic bowl with its low tones is especially good for grounding and relaxation, while the small heart bowl with its bright, high tones is often used for harmony and clarity? At the Hess Klangkonzepte pop-up store in Berlin, you can find out more about the individual effects of the singing bowls and experience them on your own body.

We officially start our pop-up store on June 3 with a big opening day. While a DJ provides musical entertainment, you can enjoy finger food and drinks and get a first overview of our singing bowls. If you are interested and have time, just drop by! In the following days, our pop-up store will be open between 10 am and 8 pm. You will also have the opportunity to receive a short sound massage or join one of our evening workshops.