Hannah Bohnen + Linus Rauch

TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary

A collaboration between TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary and aquabitArt gallery
Venue: AUGUST35 Exhibition Space, Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Hannah Bohnen + Linus Rauch

TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary
temporary showroom at aquabit
Hannah Bohnen, painting
Linus Rauch, collage

Exhibition: Friday, April 28 – Sunday, April 30, 2023
Opening: Friday, April 28, 19h-23h
Opening hours: daily, 10-20h


Hamburg-based gallery TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, featuring the works of two talented young artists, Hannah Bohnen and Linus Rauch. The exhibition finds April 28, 2023 in Berlin and and is also TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary’s first presentation in Berlin.

Hannah Bohnen‘s works are inspired by unconscious gestures, scribbles while talking on the phone, fluid movements. The almost invisible moments of our everyday life are the starting point of her sculptures, oberflächen and installations. The artist fixes the fleetingness of the world in her works and shows us the elegance and drama of this imperceptible life.
“With my works, I try to arrest the uncertain, sometimes invisible moments of ephemeral action in forms, using dynamic materials and flowing shapes to communicate the decaying and almost imperceptible life of random gestures.”

Linus Rauch works seem like paintings but are assemblages found materials, such as textile, foil, paper. Rauch sends them over each other collage-like. Shapes, shades, patterns are created. Thus, he expands the perception of the work and the surrounding space. These are works on the border between gallery, sculpture and space.

The exhibition provides a platform for the two artists to present their works and interact with art lovers from all over the world. TOM REICHSTEIN contemporary is proud to represent these talented young artists and is confident that the exhibition will be a great success.

The opening night finds on April 28, 2023 and will be attended by art lovers, collectors and media representatives. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting exhibition and introducing you to the works of Hannah Bohnen and Linus Rauch.

For more information and to register, please contact Tom Reichstein at
office@tomreichstein.com or +49 40 76 75 25 44