I love women in art

I Love Women in Art
Edited by Janine Mackenroth & Bianca Kennedy
Hardcover, silver foil embossing, 224 pages
Internal dimensions H x W: 26.5 x 21 cm
Weight: approx. 1,250 g
ISBN 978-3-9821741-1-2
Language: German

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When we talk about art created by women, it is extremely important to mention the book "I love
women in art", which was published by Janine Mackenroth and Bianca Kennedy.
In this anthology, 100 top women from the German cultural scene have selected a work by women
artists and present it.

In this way, the book brings together 100 women artists + 100 professionals from the art world,
means 200 women!

This publication, initiated by Janine and Bianca, appears on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of
the admission of women to all German art academies.

The decision to launch the book project by the two German artists Janine Mackenroth and Bianca
Kennedy came about after more than two years of research work on the exhibition business in

The year 2020, which marks the centennial of the first admission of women to study at German art
academies, is something the two initiators also want to use artistically and have invited 100 women
in the art business from all of Germany's federal states to present a work by a female artist in
Germany with her personal story.

The collection "I Love Women in Art" is not only intended to point out the still prevailing
underrepresentation of female positions, but above all to be an art guide to the wonderful women
artists and cultural workers in our country.

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