Personalities Unmasked/ Pablo Iglesias | 2021

Color printing on Alu-Dibond
Unlimited edition

370,00 (excl. VAT 310,92)

We know the work of Hugo Stuber, who remixes the world of brands and advertising in real cityscapes.

A special highlight is the colourful mix of familiar and trusted faces created in 2021.

Here we find a very broad spectrum of personalities: Representatives of the monarchy, left-wing movements or powerful business, who appear to us unmasked in a cruelly humorous way.

The loud and trendy language of the advertising posters from the 50s and 60s overlaps with classic novel and horror film characters from the last century.

Hugo thus draws a thread through world history.

His fascination with fantastic figures, monsters, vampires, creepy wolves, zombies, etc., which has lasted since childhood, finds an almost striking expression here that allows for several interpretations through its artistic alienation.

The masked/unmasked portraits seem familiar and accessible to us in a provocative way that, according to the artist, "opens up a debate without engaging in a discussion".

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 48 × 45 × 1 cm