Organic White

Group Exhibition
Graphics, Photography, Lithography, Painting, Sculpture

In cooperation with Friedman Galerie und Projekt

Artists: Peter Lindenberg, Wilfried Habrich, Annette Selle, Maria Ortiz Gil, Hugo Stuber, Anke Eilergerhard, Zsuzsa Klemm, Michael Kukla, Voker Leonhardt, Christoph Radke, Andrea Maria Krenn, Glücksstern

Performances: Anne-Katrin Schenck, Lan Hungh
Venue: aquabitArt gallery, Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitt
Exhibition: 14. November 2009 – 29. January 2010

The winter comes with its soft white silence. The nature retreats, thin transparent cover the colours of the summer …

A fascinating light refraction!
The diversity of the many white tones is the goal of this exhibition.

White is exclusive!
Twelve artists present from amazing angles their sense of the colour white and the organic substance in works that have been made in connection with “organic white”. Organic structures as a balance between static and fragility, a white fog that transforms mythological figures or white as cleaning the logical geometry of lettering and logos …

White is warm!
On two Advent Saturdays the works will be courted by sensitive performances – on 28.November with spherical songs and on 12. December the senses of the body will be awaken in unexpected way.

White gives pleasure!
At the opening, the white colour is celebrated! The clothing of the visitors will shape the white surface alive and in good faith.

Play with us!