Perspectives / Michael Kirch

Michael Kirch, sculptures and kinetic sculptures

Exhibition: 17 December 2020 – 28 February 2021
Open: TBA
Ort: aquabitArt Galerie, Auguststraße 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, gallery space hours will be announced later.
Please check: Instagram @aquabitart_gallery, website
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This is the first art exhibition by Michael Kirch. After careers as mathematician, wall street strategist, founder and entrepreneur in New York, London and Berlin, Michael Kirch has dedicated his last three years to creating sculptures and kinetic installations in his Neukölln Studio.

In his work, sensuality, sexuality and beauty join together as one creative healing force.
As the viewer walks around each sculpture, the object and the viewer engage in a collaborative play of shyness and boldness, of being vulnerable and safe, of being seen and in hiding.

Michael Kirch says: “My focus is on the emotional experience. With this exhibition I want to create a safe space where viewers can be vulnerable and gently curious about their feelings.”