Sebastian Häger (DE)

Light collages

“For this world of liquid, autopoietic textural landscapes, movement is a fundamental part. In my work I have found a way to freeze time and depict the playful world concealed within the movement of light and space.”

Sebastian Häger, 2017

artistic position

By sampling and merging different image sources and, by means of analogue interventions, the works of Sebastian Häger function similarly to hypertexts.
Figurative elements enter into connections, they point to something that creates an enriched frame of reference and the notion of a third space, which brings about a peculiar hovering between the logically reconstructable original contexts.

Häger’s works form a vortex of sorts, whose suction swallows up the consciousness of the beholder, but simultaneously regurgitates an infinite series of reflections.

In their stratification, his works visualize not just the endless, empty space of perspective or the void of the unmarked space, the blankness or chaos of potential, out of which images emerge – they attempt to blur the relation between reality and illusion.

Exhibitions in aquabitArt

2020 › 11 years aquabitArt in Auguststrasse 35, ONLINE Group exhibition

2019 Watchin´ Windows, Solo exhibition, aquabitArt gallery

2017 SummerExhibition #2 / Dancing in the Smoke, Solo exhibition, aquabitArt gallery

2008 kunstSPEZIALITÄTEN, Group exhibition, aquabitArt gallery, Linienstrasse Berlin

2008 digital-analog / Sebastian Häger and Wilfried Habrich, aquabitArt gallery, Linienstrasse Berlin

2008 Superpositions 3, Solo exhibition, aquabitArt gallery, Linienstrasse Berlin

2006 “Superpositions … you can find everywhere“, Solo exhibition, ZMF Zurmöbelfabrik Berlin


Sebastian Häger
* 1979 lives and works in Berlin.

Between 2006 and 2009 he is part of a artist collective who took over the former Kindl brewery in Neukölln.

In 2015 he finishes his Master of Arts and a post-graduate training as curator at the Career Center of the Berlin University of the Arts. His works were regularly represented at the annual Rundgang – Open Days of the UdK.

Between 2016 and 2018 he works as assistant for urban culture and art in public space for the district of Berlin Mitte. During this time he is also part of the artistic direction of the Bärenzwinger Lab and curator of several shows.

He is the current artistic project lead of the annual program „Ausstellungen für ein spekulatives Publikum“ at gallerie weisser elefant.

Sebastian Häger acts at the interface of artistic and curatorial practice.