Chew Bone | 2018

Poren Huang

Chew Bone

Stainless Steel (Edelstahl) unlimited edition

21 x 7 x 5 cm


1.600,00 (excl. VAT 1.495,33)

"Poren Huang's sculptures are full of comic-like dog depictions. His typical dog sculptures have the characteristics typical of his depictions, big head, big eyes and always a mischievous smile, even if the dog should not smile. Looking at them puts you in a good mood and you can´t help but smile. Chew Bone (2018) is designed according to a commercially available chewing bone. This banal object is enhanced by the presentation in the art space. At the same time, we can see it as an ironic commentary on our art world, in which hardly any distinction is made between the everyday and the artistically created." Sarah Maske, UNMASKED #2, May 2021

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Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 21 × 7 × 5 cm