Chips #40 | 2019


190 unique CHIPS

Nail polish on Paper, on Metal with Magnet

Diameter 7cm


250,00 (excl. VAT 210,08)

"Janine Mackenroth's abstraction results from the choice of her material of nail polish and the way she applies it to the canvas. Through her Nail Polish Painting Machine, she lets the nail polish onto the canvas (Snapshots, 2021). The abstraction reflects an interplay between the nail polish, the canvas, the machine and Mackenroth's movements. In the work Chips (2018-2021), Mackenroth applied the nail polish by hand in the style of the work in beauty salons. She thus creates a conceptually and socially critical level typical for Mackenroth, which points to the extremes of the working conditions for the nail salon employees. As is often the case in her oeuvre she transfers this to the artworld.

Both the properties of the materials and the use of the artist´s body are decisive for the flow."

Sarah Maske, UNMASKED #2, May 2021

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 1 cm