Is Architecture And Art Compatible Today?

Public speaking

Is Architecture and Art Compatible Today?
FLASH TALKS // › Prague Quadrennial 6. – 16. June 2019
Lector: Irina Ilieva (Architect/Curator)
Venue: Prague Exhibition Grounds, Krizik E
13 June 2019

The relationship between architectural ideas and their form of artistic expression has changed during many stages of society’s development and level of building skills.

Once, the professions of architect and artist/craftsman have been unified in one occupation as “master builder“. Art and crafts were two sides of the same coin. In the course of industrialization the profession of architect emerged as a separate academic discipline, which also caused a separation from the arts and craftsmen’s guild. The complexity of modern society and the rapid development of technology determines the appearance of a building, where craft and art often find their role as secondary, even not welcome disciplines. On the other hand, in 2019 we celebrate 100 years Bauhaus. The “School of Building” taught a new approach to design and architecture, suggesting the idea of creating a “total work of art“, bringing all arts together, including architecture.

In this context, we require a discussion about the current place of artistic visions that can improve the quality of these processes. We are looking for answers to the question “Is architecture and art compatible today?”, revealing different ways of dealing with these two disciplines over the centuries and putting them into the context of the present.

A special spot in the presentation is given to performance space architecture and scenography, and their vision to create spaces. We include a short presentation of the new Architecture + Art Weekend, which took place 2018 and 2019 in Berlin.

The lecture and discussion aim to provoke and sensitize the audience about the processes of creating spaces that influence our environment and our daily lives.