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“How does one protect oneself from becoming faceless behind the mask? Instead of an answer, a comment from a qualified mouth, which can at least be used as a placebo. „Nemo enim potest personam diu ferre.“ Seneca. “No one can permanently wear a mask.” Reinhard Griebner, September 2021

Exhibition: OFFLINE+ONLINE 17. September – 30. October 2021

Opening: Friday, 17. September, 19-22h
Open: Tuesdays – Saturdays, 12-20h and by appointment.
Venue: aquabitArt Galerie, Auguststrasse 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
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Hygiene measures as of 31. August 2021
– A maximum of 10 visitors are allowed in the gallery rooms at the same time, who must keep a friendly distance of 1.5 m from each other.
– 3G: Only individuals who have tested negative or can demonstrate full vaccination coverage or recovery will be allowed to enter the gallery.
– The attendance list is obligatory. Before you enter, please indicate your contact (first and last name, telephone number, full address or e-mail address, time of presence). The contact details will be destroyed after 4 weeks.
– FFP2 masks are compulsory inside the gallery.
– Please note the current regulation of the Berlin Senate: https://www.berlin.de/corona/en/measures/directive/

UNMASKED #3 is the third exhibition from the series UNMASKED with paintings and drawings by Wilfried Habrich and Peter Lindenberg.

The fact that the exhibition takes place in a very striking time for our society is reflected in the name.
UNMASKED can be associated with many things – dropping the mask, showing one’s true face, revealing oneself, but also with crossing boundaries and discovering the feeling of liberation.

For the duration of the exhibition, artist talks will take place ONLINE and the series “2 minutes for ART” will provide a brief insight into the work of each artist.

Wilfried Habrich and Peter Lindenberg share wall and space in “UNMASKED #3“, without challenging each other or contesting the course. In a comparable and yet completely different way, they had already entered into a dialogue in the aquabitArt gallery in the fall of 2020. Once again, as befits people of their profession, they both lean far out of the window. The individual arranges itself with the associative, making it difficult to say who delivers the thesis and who feels responsible for the antithesis. Ultimately, it probably boils down to one result: no one and nobody. The house brand “Unmasked” created by the curator Irina Ilieva, and which is its charm, offers sufficient space for discourse and rebuttal. It functions, as previously in the exhibitions with the shared name, as an umbrella headline under whose protection the participants can comfortably cultivate their artistic conversation. ” Reinhard Griebner, September 2021

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