EX und HOPP ?

Site-specific installation

EX und HOPP ?
refunctioning between Architecture and Art

Artists/Architects: Anna Borgman+Candy Lenk (BORGMAN | LENK),
Jan Körbes (REFUNC), Vanessa Enriquez,
Ingrid Sabatier+Stephan Schwarz (ISSSresearch)

Venue: aquabitArt gallery, Auguststr. 35, 10119 Berlin
Exhibition: 2. – 30. May 2015

AquabitArt gallery is pleased to present the second exhibition from the Art + Architecture series: EX und HOPP ?
Following the CONNECTION ? exhibit in 2014, the focus now is directed at the issues of resource-saving design, Re-use and Re-functioning.
This appears in a spacial installation, where everyday materials become something special, become art.

The title EX und HOPP ? refers to the one-way bottle hype of the 70’s and the start of a great enthusiasm for material plastic, which led to the widely established modern throwaway culture.

Anna Borgman+Candy Lenk (› BORGMAN | LENK) and Jan Körbes (› REFUNC) install an ornamental facade constructed from plastic disposable pallets in front of the gallery. Inspired by the recurring ornamentation in architecture, they grapple with the relationship between ornament and function. Going back to Adolf Loos (Ornament and Crime), EX und HOPP ? develops the question of ornament as an obstacle for new cultural development. The focus is on the recycling culture and its ability to transform the functional form into pure ornamentation. The “new ornament” on the facade is transmitted through its imprint on the gallery’s walls. The gallery space becomes a “container” of the entire space installation.

Vanessa Enriquez (› www.vanessaenriquez.net), Ingrid Sabatier and Stephan Schwarz (› isssresearch) print newspaper pieces with pallets pattern and in this way they transform from an everyday object or Left-over to ready-made unique copies.

The exhibition offers space for discussions through various communication formats.
Special events, performances and project presentations by the participating artists take place during the Gallery Weekend (1st to 3rd May) and the Month of Performance Art-Berlin.