Betreten Auf Eigene Gefahr Vol 2 / Pascal Brateau

3D space

presented by ART at Berlin

Site-specific installation

Betreten auf eigene Gefahr Vol 2 / Enter at your own risk Vol 2
A suggestion to change perspective

Artist/Architect: Pascal Brateau / FR
Curator: Irina Ilieva
Exhibition: 7 – 30 November 2020
Soft Opening: Saturday, 7 November, 2-10 pm
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 2-8 pm and by appointment
Venue: aquabitArt Gallery, Auguststraße 35, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Photos: Ludger Pafftarh

With the friendly support of
the Bureau des arts plastiques of the Institut français,
the French Ministry of Culture and
REGION GRAND-EST, Direction de la culture

In the current time of world change, it is important for each of us to form appropriate opinions and choose certain points of view. “Entering at your own risk Vol 2” refers to the possibility of exploring the construction at your own risk, but it also appears to be an indication of our own responsibility to make decisions.

Context /
The installation takes place under the title “Architecture + Art” – a series initiated by Irina Ilieva. The curator regularly invites artists and architects whose work focuses on the interaction between architecture and art in order to explore the similarities and differences of this interplay. This context offers opportunities for a cooperative dialogue between city residents and Berlin visitors, artists and architects, urban planners, landscape architects and municipalities.

Project / brief description
After his successful installation › Betreten auf eigene Gefahr in 2018 › PASCAL BRATEAU is returning to the gallery with a special, site-specific concept. The installation by the French artist-architect intends to create a certain “space turnaround” based on the urban context and the volume of the venue. The work of art between sculpture and architectural arrangement explores the space of the gallery – in particular the two existing levels and the small staircase that connects them. The newly created third level offers an elevated view in all directions, especially of the back room of the gallery and the inner courtyard of the house. There the visitor finds a small sculpture built according to the same construction principle as the installation in the front room, thus questioning its own status. Usually facing the street, the gallery space changes its focus and offers a unique opportunity to experience the surroundings from a different height and from a different perspective.